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Brokerkit product changelog

05/21/2024 - 2.88.11 & 2.88.52

BKPD-I-609 - Schedule emails
BKPD-I-726 - Email Sending in the Inbox Channel

TWO Exciting Releases for BK Users: Email Scheduling and Inbox Emailing are Now Available!

You may now schedule emails to be sent out at specific dates and times, allowing you to plan your communication effectively, even during vacations or outside of regular business hours. AND Send an Email directly from your Inbox in BK

Where Can You Find This Feature?

  • Inbox Channel

  • Contact profile in Recruiting/Retention

  • Bulk email in Recruiting/Retention

  • Blast email in Retention

How Does It Work?

  • Scheduling Prompt: A new clock icon has been added to the email send button, enabling you to schedule with ease.

  • Selector Defaults: Choose from 1 hour, 2 hours, tomorrow morning (8 AM), or tomorrow afternoon (1 PM) for quick scheduling, or select ‘Custom’ for specific needs.

Event Logging and Management:

  • Logging: Every scheduled email creation, update, or cancellation is logged for easy tracking.

  • Editing: Single contact emails can be edited directly from the timeline.

  • Cancelation: Remove scheduled emails with a simple click, with confirmation alerts to prevent accidental cancellations. (does not apply to Bulk Scheduled Emails)

What’s Next? Scheduled Texts! Coming Soon, We’re committed to enhancing your recruiting tools and will continue to update and improve this feature based on your feedback.

Happy scheduling!

05/01/2024 - 2.88.16

BKPD-I-581 - Add hyperlink to contact for text replies in the texts OR in forwarded text

Product Update: Enhanced Multiplexer MessagingWe’re excited to announce an update to our multiplexer messaging system that enhances user experience and compliance with telecommunication regulations.What’s New?

  • Initial Contact: Users will now receive a streamlined initial header text the first time they get a reply via a multiplexer number. Sample text: “[Brokerkit], Contact Name, contact email, contact phone number, Production label, Company. Reply to this message to respond or reply stop to unsubscribe.”

  • Separate Hyperlink Text: To avoid blocking issues, a separate text containing a hyperlink to the contact’s profile will follow the initial message.

  • Smart Contact Selection: When multiple contacts share a phone number, the system will prioritize the contact with the lowest ID number.

  • Direct Profile Access: Users can directly access the contact profile of the individual who replied by clicking the link sent to their forwarding number.

Improved Commands:

  • ?who Command: Unsure of the sender? Users can simply reply with “?who” to receive the header texts again for clarity.

This update ensures that our users have a seamless and uninterrupted communication flow while staying within the regulatory framework. Stay tuned for more enhancements to make your experience even better!

04/30/2024 - 2.88.47

BKPD-I-718 - Default day for BK Campaign Library
Enhancement Request

  • All campaigns in the BK Campaign Library send day defaults have been updated to MON-FRI

  • To avoid disrupting contacts on the weekends

Keep your contacts smiling and your campaigns thriving with our thoughtful update. Because everyone deserves a peaceful weekend! 🌴🌞

04/04/2024 - 2.88.0

BKPD-I-607 - Notification Center (Bell icon for notifications in top right of screen)
BKPD-I-522 - Notifications for Opt-outs/Unsubscribes

Introducing the Notification Center
The Notification Center is your hub for managing alerts related to email and text engagement.
Stay informed with its key features:

  • Bell Icon: Indicates new activity.

  • Unread Notifications: The number next to the bell shows unread notifications.

  • Receive Notifications on:

    • Email Opens

    • Email/Text link clicks

    • Email/Text Unsubscribes

    • Email Video Opens/Clicks

    • Text Video Clicks

    • Text Replies

    • Coming Soon! More notifications are to be added!

  • Organized by Day: Notifications are grouped by day, with the most recent ones at the top.

  • Unread vs. Read: Green circles are for unread, and light gray is for read.

  • Toggle for Viewing: Blue for unread only, gray for all notifications.

  • Clickable Links: Click to go to the contact profile mentioned in the notification.

  • Filters: Filter by email, text, or all notifications.

  • Notifications Settings: Customize how you receive alerts (bell or email).

Stay connected with the new Notification Center! 📢🔔

03/25/2024 - 2.87.0

BKPD-I-619 - @mentions users in notes to notify them

@Mentions have arrived in Brokerkit
Stay informed and collaborate efficiently with @mentions!
Key Features:

  • Notify team members about tasks, appointments, or notes.

  • Easily tag users by typing "@" and selecting from a list of team members.

  • Receive email notifications when tagged, with a direct link to the relevant contact profile.

Applicable Sections:

  • Recruiting: Appointments, Log Appointments, Tasks, Notes(Call, Text, Email, Sticky Note)

  • Retention: Tasks, Notes(Call, Text, Email, Sticky Note)

Stay Connected, Stay Productive:
With @mentions, you can effortlessly collaborate, share updates, and get the right people involved in your tasks.
Experience the Power of @Mentions Today!

03/22/2024 - 2.88.31

Here to announce improvements to our Recruiting Activity Dashboard

  • Pagination

    • items per page dropdown consisting of values 10, 25, 50 and 100

    • ‘next’ and ‘previous’ button in the table along with page numbers

    • text at the bottom of the table “Showing 1 to 10 of 100 users” depending on number of users and users per page

  • Totals

    • total row will show the sum of all records across all pages

03/12/2024 - 2.88.8

Our importer Lead/Member templates now include the following column, which will be automatically mapped to the corresponding database attributes:

  • Production Label - The production label applied from the Total $ Production LTM per the settings at Account Settings>Production Values

Be sure to vote or add Ideas to help us make Brokerkit better for you!

02/29/2024 - 2.87.10

BKPD-I-635 - Email notification when a lead opens/clicks in video email/text

Email Notifications for Video Email Opens and Clicks
This feature introduces email notifications for BK users when their video emails in bulk, blast, campaigns or texts are opened or clicked by recipients. This product release introduces aims to enhance user experience and follow-up opportunities.


  • Email Notifications:

    • Users will receive email notifications when their recruiting or retention contacts open or click emails or texts containing videos from the Brokerkit video library.

    • Notifications will include the contact's name (hyperlinked to their contact profile), the type of event (open or click), and the video title (if multiple videos are included, the first video's title will be used).

  • Notification Settings:

    • A new "Notifications" screen will be added under "User Settings," consolidating all existing notification settings.

    • Two new notifications will be available with selectors in the email column:

      • "Video email/text opens"

      • "Video email/text clicks"

  • User Interface:

    • The feature will be available in both recruiting and retention modules.

    • It will be accessible only to Admin/staff users in their UI

02/26/2024 - 2.88.6

BKPD-I-590 - add optout language to outbound texts by default

Texting Provider Compliance Updates
Brokerkit has implemented changes to comply with regulatory requirements for sender identification and opt-out language. These updates will affect all recruiting or retention outbound messages sent from Brokerkit phone numbers and Multiplexer numbers. The sender ID will be appended to text messages sent for the first time from any phone number or subsequent texts if the contact did not reply to the last message from that number. The opt-out language "Reply STOP to unsubscribe" will be included in the initial message and at least once a month for ongoing conversations.

Example Text:
“From First_Name Last_Name at Business_Profile_Friendly_Name: ”
"Text Message content"
"Reply STOP to unsubscribe"

Multiplexer Text (sent to user on text replies) Example:
"[Brokerkit], Contact Name, contact email, contact phone number, Production label, Company. Reply to this message to respond or reply stop to unsubscribe."

ProTip: Since your name, company and opt-out language will be in the text already. Don't feel the need to add it to the body of your text.

These changes ensure that Brokerkit's text messaging practices adhere to industry guidelines and industry standards.
If you have any questions, Please reach out to us at or sign up for office hours here

02/16/2024 - 2.86.12

Enhanced Task Management with CSV Download Overview:

Announcing an enhancement to our platform on the way you manage tasks and contacts.
With this update, BK admins and staff users will gain access to a new "Download Tasks" feature, providing a more efficient way to manage tasks and related contact information.
Key Features:

  • Expanded CSV Download Options:

    • In addition to the existing "Download Contacts" button, a new "Download Tasks" button has been added, allowing users to download a CSV file containing task attributes and related contact information.

    • The "Download Contacts" button has been renamed to "Download CSV" and will continue to function as before.

  • Task-Centric CSV Format:

    • The "Download Tasks" button generates a CSV file with a table of tasks, including task attributes such as ID, name, category, status, priority, due date, and task owner.

    • Related contact attributes are included in the same file, providing a comprehensive view of tasks and associated contacts.

  • Improved Data Organization:

    • If a task has a single related contact, a single row will be created in the CSV file for that contact.

    • For tasks with multiple related contacts, multiple rows will be generated, ensuring that all relevant information is captured.

This new feature will be available to all BK admins and staff users.
Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements to our platform.

02/12/2024 - 2.86.85

Product Announcement: Custom Statuses

BKPD-I-633 - Customize Contact Statuses

Introducing Customizable Contact Statuses in Brokerkit

We're excited to announce a significant update to Brokerkit that empowers you to tailor your agent recruiting and retention process to your specific needs. With the new customizable contact statuses feature, you can now:

  • Create and manage custom statuses: In addition to the default statuses provided by Brokerkit, you can now create your own custom statuses to better reflect your unique pipeline goals. Custom statuses can be added, renamed, and reordered, giving you complete control over your contact status workflow.

  • Seamless integration across all Brokerkit features: The new custom statuses will be reflected consistently throughout all Brokerkit features, including the pipeline report, activity report, landing pages, and more. This ensures a cohesive and streamlined experience for your team.

  • Bulk updates and file imports: You can easily update the status of multiple contacts at once using the bulk update feature. Additionally, you can import contacts with custom statuses using our CSV importer.

  • Organization-wide status management (for multi-account customers): If your account is linked to an organization, you can choose to apply your custom status configuration across all accounts within the organization. This ensures consistency and simplifies status management for multi-account customers.


  • Enhanced flexibility: Tailor your contact statuses to align with your specific recruiting and retention goals.

  • Improved efficiency: Save time by creating custom statuses that accurately reflect your pipeline stages.

  • Increased control: Gain more control over your pipeline by managing custom statuses and reordering them as needed.

  • Seamless user experience: Experience consistent status management across all Brokerkit features.

To get started, simply navigate to the Account Settings page and start customizing your contact statuses.

We hope this new feature empowers you to streamline your recruiting and retention processes and achieve even greater success with Brokerkit. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

02/01/2024 - 2.87.8

Product Announcement: Allow agent/affiliate users the ability add notes in contact profile
BKPD-I-595 - Allow agent/affiliate referrer to be able add notes and notify lead owner of updates

We are thrilled to announce that our platform now allows agents and affiliates to log notes in the contact profile timeline, similar to the admin/staff role. This feature will enable agents and affiliates to create notes that will be displayed for all users in the timeline like an admin/staff user. With this new feature, agents and affiliates can easily log notes about their interactions with a referral, such as the date and time of the interaction, the nature of the interaction, and any other relevant details. This will help agents and affiliates to provide more personalized and effective about their referrals.If you have any questions or feedback about this feature, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are always here to help you!

1/29/2024 - 2.87.3

Product Announcement: Enhanced Email Deliverability and Configuration

BKPD-I-688 - Tech changes for Feb 2024 Google/Yahoo email compliance requirements

We are excited to announce enhancements to our email deliverability configuration, ensuring that your emails reach your intended recipients with improved reliability and personalization.

These changes are in response to the upcoming Google and Yahoo email deliverability requirements effective in February 2024.


  • We have updated the email templates with a setting at User Settings>Notifications. These templates will now have a link “Update Notifications” in the email footer, and the link will go to the notifications tab on the User Settings page. The templates that have been updated are:

    • Daily recruiting email

    • Daily retention email

    • New lead notification

    • MLS import notification email

    • Task assignment notification

  • We have set a TLS connection for transmitting email via custom domains and direct emails.

  • We have added a List-id to the email header .

  • We have implemented DMARC for which is the sending domain used for customer notification emails.

We hope these changes will improve your experience with our platform. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

1/26/24 - 2.87.11

BKPD-I-693 - User Settings Notifications tab

We are thrilled to announce a fresh update exclusively designed with our valued Admin and Staff users in mind. It's a revamped User Settings screen, now more intuitive than ever! The screen is conveniently divided into two tabs: 'General' and 'Notifications'. All your existing settings will still be found under the 'General' tab while your notification settings have been relocated to the newly created 'Notifications' tab. The 'Notifications' layout integrates an easy-to-use column specifically for Email Notification settings and soon will include settings for other notification types.

Stay connected as we continue improving our platform and add more types of notifications soon. Happy navigating!

Please see gif demonstration here :

1/22/24 - 2.86.8

  • BKPD-I-664 - Separate selector to restrict staff role users on unassigned contacts

Brokerkit just released a significant feature update enhancing administrative control for users managing multiple offices. This update focuses on improved privacy and efficiency in staff roles and permissions.

Highlights of the New Feature:

  • Enhanced Staff Role Access: Admin users can now set specific permissions for staff, controlling their access to contacts in both recruiting and retention areas.

  • Intuitive UI Changes: The update includes a new interface in Account Settings with dropdowns to easily manage staff access.

  • Selective Visibility for Staff: Options include access to 'All contacts', 'Only assigned contacts', or 'Unassigned contacts'.

  • Automated 'Owner' Assignment: For new contact records, the 'Owner' field automatically defaults to the current user.

  • Refined Contact Filtering: Staff can filter contacts based on their assignments - 'My', 'All', or 'My+Unassigned'.

This update reinforces Brokerkit’s commitment to providing secure, efficient tools for real estate brokers managing expansive operations.

Please see a video demonstration here:

1/19/24 - 2.87.4

BKPD-I-681 - Add a search filter when Merging Duplicates

12/22/23 - 2.86.3

KPD-I-655 - Warnings on texting above limits to avoid usage charges

We're thrilled to introduce Texting Over Limit Alerts, a new feature designed to keep you informed and in control of your texting usage. As a Brokerkit admin or staff user, you'll receive real-time alerts when sending texts that exceed your monthly segment limit, helping you avoid unexpected billing surprises. These alerts will appear in various scenarios, and you can choose to proceed or take action as needed. With this feature, you can confidently manage your texting strategy and make informed decisions. Thank you for choosing Brokerkit as your partner in real estate growth.

Here is an animation of how it works:

12/21/23 - 2.86.4

We are excited to announce a new feature that will make it easier for you to manage your tasks. With the new task download feature, you can now export a CSV file of all your tasks, including the task attributes and contact information. This will make it easy for you to track your progress and stay organized.

To download a CSV file of your tasks, simply navigate to Tasks in the top left navigation and click on the "Download Tasks" button in the task list. You will then be prompted to select the date range for the tasks you want to export. Once you have selected the date range, click on the "Download" button.

The CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. You can then open the file in a spreadsheet program to view the data.

We hope you find this new feature helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Here is an animation of how it works:

12/11/23 - 2.84.10

  • BKPD-I-557 - Filter to roll up pipeline report at the organization level

We are excited to announce the release of a new feature for the pipeline report: the ability to roll up the pipeline at the organization level. This feature will allow admin users with multiple accounts linked in an organization to better track the pipeline for their organization.

To use this feature, simply select the "Filter by level" dropdown in the pipeline report and select "Organization". This will show you a roll-up of the pipeline for all accounts in your organization.

We hope you find this new feature helpful!

12/8/23 - 2.86.0

  • BKPD-I-551 - Ability to reorder steps of a campaign using an editable box

We are excited to announce the release of a new feature that allows you to reorder the steps of a campaign using an editable box. This will make it easier to rearrange your campaigns, especially for large campaigns with many steps.

To reorder a step, simply click on the step number and select the desired order from the dropdown menu. The step will automatically move to the new location. Here is an animation of how it works:

12/2/23 - 2.86.1

  • BK-2487 - Reduce the count of contacts a user can select when sending a bulk/campaign email without sending domains configured from 10k to 1k

We reduced the count of contacts a user can select when sending bulk/campaign emails without sending domains configured down from 10k to 1k. The limits were initially implemented at 10k on 5/11/23 and it was reduced on 12/2/23 to 1k. This gave customers 7 months to configure sending domains for their email sending.

Note that each pricing plan also has bulk messaging limits (they apply to bulk, blast, and campaign messages) which are independent of this and they can be viewed on the pricing page here:

The goal of this change is to maintain a high email deliverability when sending emails through Brokerkit from an an email address where the sending domains are not configured for this account.

Also, note that this limit will not apply when sending emails from a domain where sending domains are configured as before. We strongly recommend customers configure sending domains for their email domains to maintain a high rate of email deliverability. Please reach out to support at if you have any questions about how to configure email-sending domains in your account.

11/28/23 - 2.84.6

  • BKPD-I-555 - Inbox for inbound messages (email, text)

    • The first phase of the Inbox was implemented with support for capturing text replies and responding to them.

    • Capturing email replies in the inbox will come later and is dependent on completing this idea - BKPD-I-614 - Logging of email replies

Here is a demo of the inbox:

11/23/23 - 2.85.3

  • BKPD-I-538 - Ability to navigate a contact profile while utilizing the dialer.

    • To use this feature, simply select a phone number while using the dialer. The page will still be accessible to scroll through notes and activity history. The dialer window can also be moved around on the screen.

11/17/23 - 2.85.7

11/10/23 - 2.85.0

10/27/23 - 2.84.9

  • BKPD-I-518 - Unique column in CSV export for "Home Street Address"

    • This adds a separate column with just the street address to the CSV export of contacts in various places in the application. Now you will have the full home address in one column and also the street address/city/state/zip code in separate columns to make it easier to use the data for sending direct mail to the contacts.

  • BKPD-I-652 - Log activity when Referrer set/changes

    • This will add events in the contact timeline when the referrer is set and changed with who it is set to ensure the correct person is given credit for a recruit and it will avoid conflict in the office.

10/18/23 - 2.84.5

  • BK-2425 Break the help center menu into submenus by category

10/7/23 - 2.84.0 / 2.82.9

  • BKPD-I-499 - Select the Time Zone when setting Appointments

  • BKPD-I-638 - Restrict the blast team feature to admin role vs. staff role users

  • BKPD-I-636 - Create sticky note records with leads/teams file importers

    • Add a column to the leads and team importer templates called "Sticky Notes," where the data creates individual note records for the text using the semicolon as a delimiter to create separate notes from the text.

    • The use case: Import coop agents from a transaction management system regularly with the ability to add the transaction details, like the address, into an individual sticky note record to be leveraged in the outreach communications with the agent.

  • BK-2433 Feature flag to optionally block accessing the retention module for certain accounts/users when desired

  • BK-2457 Restrict Staff Role from Creating Admin/Staff Users

9/29/23 - 2.56.6

  • BKPD-I-520 - Text videos from the video library

    • As part of this change, all URLs will also be shortened when they are texted during delivery.

    • Note that this feature is only available on our current pricing plans and not legacy pricing plans. You can easily upgrade to a new pricing plan on the billing page or reach out to to get help with this.

  • Block texting from phone numbers not linked to an approved verified texting use case.

    • We added limits to the Brokerkit user interface to prevent sending texts from phone numbers unlinked to an approved verified texting campaign. Note that the carriers had already started blocking these texts on 9/1/23, and we just added limits to prevent users from sending texts that would be blocked.

    • This feature is limited only to the US and is whitelisted for Canada as verified texting is not a requirement there yet

9/14/23 - 2.82.7

  • BKPD-I-630 - Add "Contact Owner" as an option for campaign email/text steps

    • Contact's Owner was added as an option for text and email steps in campaigns

    • This option was already available for tasks

    • When you select this option, the test or email step will be set as the owner of that contact in recruiting or retention.

    • This feature enables sending campaigns from different people (e.g., office managers) without needing separate campaigns.

  • BKPD-I-632 - Separate staff Role Restrictions for Recruiting and Retention leads

    • This updated an existing feature where you can set permissions so staff role users can only see contacts assigned to them.

    • With the update, you can activate these permissions individually in recruiting or retention.

9/6/23 - 2.82.3

  • BKPD-I-498 Log an activity record in the timeline when a contact is archived

  • BKPD-I-519 Add Pipeline/Recruited $ Prod LTM to the activity report

  • Add tooltips to the Verified Texting/Calling Registration form to provide more detailed guidance to users on how to complete the form

  • Change "search query" references to "import query" on the Relitix integration pages to clarify the functionality vs. the advanced search filters.

8/27/23 - 2.82.4

Made these updates in the Help Center Menu:

  • Changed the Product Updates link to a Changelog link pointing here. We are switching to a changelog so users can see real-time updates on product changes vs. a monthly marketing-focused update with product updates in it.

  • Added a link to our new Customer Community, which is a Facebook group for our users to join to ask the community questions as well as see a stream of updates on product updates and new content

8/23/23 - 2.83.0

BK-2417 Increase phone number limit on verified texting use cases (A2P 10 DLC campaigns) from 50 to 400

8/21/23 - 2.71.5

BKPD-I-507 AI Assist - Generative AI text creator

We added an AI Assist feature in all text editors in Brokerkit (emails, texts, appointments, notes, landing pages, etc.), which integrates with OpenAI's GPT-4 to create content to leverage in system communications and notes.

See a demo:

8/17/23 - 2.82.8

BK-2410 Update help center link to link to our new, improved help center for help articles, which gives more configuration options

BK-2391 Add Column of "Personal Landing Page" to Retention CSV export

We added the user landing page to the Retention download CSV for users. If you go to the manage team page here and click the link to "Download a current CSV," a column is now added on the far right with that user's landing page URL. Note that this report currently only includes users with the agent and affiliate roles but not the admin or staff roles.

8/10/23 - 2.80.1

BKPD-I-583 Prevent duplicate records created in UI

FYI on a new product update today to eliminate the final way duplicates could be created in a Brokerkit account. We are now blocking the creation of duplicate contacts in recruiting or retention if there is an existing contact with the same email address or agent ID/MLS. We also warn about duplicate contacts in another account linked in an organization if you have a multi-account configuration.

Please see the video below for a demo of how it works, as well as a link you can share here

8/5/23 - 2.80.2

BK-2301 Campaigns 2.0 GA - Remove beta label and turn on in new campaigns by default

BK-2293 Tooltip for camps 2.0 if past end date with remaining steps