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Sent items view in inbox for emails and texts sent

This would work like the sent items folder in Gmail or Outlook and will cover emails and texts sent.
Brokerkit Product Management 1 day ago in Emails / Inbox / Texts 0

Custom contact properties/fields

Ability to create custom fields/properties for contacts Ability to filter in searches on the custom properties
Brokerkit Product Management about 1 month ago in Contacts / Filters and Search / Recruiting module / Retention module 0

Filter out unsubscribe-related texts so they are not forwarded to the Forwarding Number.

Very hard to manage currently when a mass text goes out and you receive a lot of unsubscribe requests at once.
Guest 13 days ago in Texts 1

Ability to CC/BCC secondary email address(es) in email campaigns

Ability to add one or more email addresses into cc or bcc on campaign email steps
Bruce Campbell 5 months ago in Campaigns 3

Spelling/grammar checker for the text editor for emails, texts,...

Add a spelling/grammar checker for the text editor used in Brokerkit in the following places: emails, texts, appointments, notes, landing pages
Brokerkit Product Management 11 months ago in Appointments / Emails / Landing Pages / Texts 0 Planned

Agent alerts campaign trigger

Trigger campaigns to start or stop based on agent alerts This idea is dependent on this other idea being completed to capture the agent alerts:
Brokerkit Product Management 24 days ago in Campaigns Triggers / Relitix Integration 0

Finding leads that completed campaign

Recruiters could benefit from this because if you wanted to go after a lead that did not respond to your campaign previously, you could go back after them months later or next year without searching every single lead. If it was as simple as being ...
Taylor Meier 24 days ago in Campaigns 1

Notifications change of contact owner in account

We want our entire recruiting team to take part in the customer service of the contact. If their assigned recruiter isn't available, but their contact has questions or needs help, another recruiter can step up and assist. But they can't be able to...
Tyler Brenner 5 months ago in Notifications 1

Create teams of staff members

I'd like to be able to group managers together and allow them to share contacts. Manager A and Manager B can see each other's contacts, but Manager C can only see their contacts.
Anna Mantica 3 months ago in Users & Roles 1

Drill down in Activity Report

Not sure what more detail to add. Should be obvious from the descriptions above.
John MacGilvary about 1 month ago in Dashboards & Reports 1