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Notifications change of contact owner in account

We want our entire recruiting team to take part in the customer service of the contact. If their assigned recruiter isn't available, but their contact has questions or needs help, another recruiter can step up and assist. But they can't be able to...
Tyler Brenner 6 months ago in Notifications 1

Notification on an inbound call/voicemail

Receive an email notification when there is an inbound call to your Brokerkit number and potentially a voicemail is left Add a notification also with the notification center bell in the user interface This will save the user from having to set up ...
Brokerkit Product Management 8 months ago in Dialer / Notifications 0

Notification on email reply

Send an email notification when you receive a reply to an email sent from Brokerkit Also show a notification in the notification center bell in the user interface This will keep all email communications in Brokerkit between the user and the contac...
Brokerkit Product Management 8 months ago in Emails / Notifications 0

Notification on text

Email notification when you receive a text on your Brokerkit number Also a browser notification in the notification center bell in the user interface This will allow a user to skip using the forwarding number and capture all texting in Brokerkit a...
Brokerkit Product Management 8 months ago in Notifications / Texts 0

Make opt out button for staff users on lead imported

We have already had to teach them how to put inbox rules so that they don't see them but are afraid they are missing important notifications on lead activities now because we don't know if they lead import notification comes from the same email ad...
Jared Blank 10 months ago in Notifications 2 Already exists

No automated invites/notifications to agents in retention

As an admin user, I would like to have total control over inviting my agents to refer through their landing page, and *remove all* auto-invite notification features. When importing agents or adding them manually, I would like no invite to go out, ...
Brokerkit Product Management over 2002 years ago in Notifications / Referral System 0

Email Notification for contacts that are Reassigned within an Organization

As an Admin/Staff user, I’d like to receive an email notification when a contact is reassigned from one account to another within an Organization. Currently, we receive a “new lead” notification email, but it does not provide information to signif...
Brokerkit Product Management over 2001 years ago in Notifications / Organizations 3

New Lead Email Notifications

We would benefit from this because we could better keep track of new incoming leads that need immediate attention.
Brynn Shorkey 7 months ago in Notifications 1 Already exists