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Created by Tyler Brenner
Created on Feb 7, 2024

Notifications change of contact owner in account

We want our entire recruiting team to take part in the customer service of the contact. If their assigned recruiter isn't available, but their contact has questions or needs help, another recruiter can step up and assist. But they can't be able to reassign the contact to themselves without a notification to the original owner.

Jobs To Be Done

If I decide to go into an existing account and switch the owner to myself, the original owner should be notified of the change.


A recruiter can currently go in and - without the original owner knowing - assign themselves one or more of that person's accounts.

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  • Admin
    Brokerkit Product Management
    Feb 8, 2024

    Thanks for submitting this idea. We moved this idea to the status of Future Consideration to see what type of additional interest it gets in terms of votes from other users. We use the votes to help prioritize our product roadmap.