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Allow non-null team member contact information to be updated via API

If we can simply make an update call via the API to the normal fields of our team members and have it override any existing field entries we should be good.
Jared Blank 6 months ago in API 1

update API to enable pushing contacts/updates to other systems

As a staff/admin user, I would like to push leads or agents from Brokerkit to other systems via Zapier, so that I can have an automated integration between my two key systems
Brokerkit Product Management almost 2005 years ago in API / Integrations 0

Add labels as a parameter via API

No description provided
Brokerkit Product Management over 2002 years ago in API / Labels 0

Create sticky notes via API

bility to create sticky notes from an API request payload
Brokerkit Product Management 5 months ago in API 0