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Create teams of staff members

I'd like to be able to group managers together and allow them to share contacts. Manager A and Manager B can see each other's contacts, but Manager C can only see their contacts.
Anna Mantica 4 months ago in Users & Roles 1

Make Importing Contacts a Function that is available to Staff Team Members

Please consider making this a function available to staff team members asap. Thank you
Guest 10 months ago in Users & Roles 1

Give the ability to merge duplicates to "Staff" role

Since this wouldn't be relevant for all companies, it could be a check mark similar to other features you can choose to allow Staff to have access to
Tyler Brenner 6 months ago in Users & Roles 2

Allow Admins to setup staff numbers and email signatures

Saves Patrick a ton of time to do this for each of our staff members.
Jared Blank 9 months ago in Users & Roles 1

Enable users to login and send emails without a Google or Microsoft email account

No description provided
Brokerkit Product Management over 2003 years ago in Emails / Users & Roles 0