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Relitix Integration

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Agent alerts campaign trigger

Trigger campaigns to start or stop based on agent alerts This idea is dependent on this other idea being completed to capture the agent alerts:
Brokerkit Product Management about 2 months ago in Campaigns Triggers / Relitix Integration 0

Link in Brokerkit to contact info in Relitix

This would give me the ability to look at all the info in Relitix without having to manually do a person search in their website.
Guest 4 months ago in Relitix Integration 1

A way to auto assign Agents to Users

No other details.
Guest 7 months ago in Recruiting module / Relitix Integration 1

And/Or Option in Relitix Data Import Queries

This would be helpful to do with cities too
Guest 7 months ago in Relitix Integration 1

Agent alerts on listing related events (new, pending, contract, closing,...) via Relitix integration

Capture listing-related alerts (new listing, new pending, new contract, new closing) for listings for agents in Brokerkit using the Relitix integration. View the alerts for an agent in recruiting or retention in their contact profile. View new ale...
Brokerkit Product Management over 2005 years ago in Campaigns Triggers / Relitix Integration 2 Planned

Add closest office as an Relitix import query parameter

Acceptance Criteria
Brokerkit Product Management about 2002 years ago in Relitix Integration 0

Filter to identify contacts imported by Relitix but not being updated

As a BK user, I want filters in recruiting and retention to identify: Old agent contacts that are no longer in the MLS, so I can archive or delete them Agents who were initially imported but then are not getting updated as they are no longer in on...
Brokerkit Product Management over 2002 years ago in Filters and Search / Relitix Integration 0

Aggregate production across MLSs

An example is agents in Atlanta that belong to FMLS and Georgia MLS
Brokerkit Product Management 6 months ago in Data file imports / Relitix Integration 1