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Notification on an inbound call/voicemail

Receive an email notification when there is an inbound call to your Brokerkit number and potentially a voicemail is left Add a notification also with the notification center bell in the user interface This will save the user from having to set up ...
Brokerkit Product Management 8 months ago in Dialer / Notifications 0

Capture voicemails in inbox

Capture voicemails in inbox so you know you got a call back in the user interface and can listen to the voicemail there This will save you from having to set up a forwarding number and keep all calling and texting activity in Brokerkit vs. your ph...
Brokerkit Product Management 8 months ago in Dialer / Inbox 0

Engagement-based campaign triggers (email, text)

Allows automated follow up on engaged contacts
Brokerkit Product Management about 2004 years ago in Campaigns Triggers / Dialer / Emails / Texts 0 Planned

Recorded voicemail drop within a call for dialer

This will enable folks to make more calls daily
Brokerkit Product Management about 2005 years ago in Dialer 0

Power dialing

The ability to select a set of contacts and power dial through them sequentially
Brokerkit Product Management over 2003 years ago in Dialer 0

Ringless voicemail drops

When I am running a marketing or recruitment campaign, I want to use ringless voicemail drops to ensure my messages are heard by my target audience, so that I can enhance the overall effectiveness of my campaigns.
Brokerkit Product Management 25 days ago in Dialer 0