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Spelling/grammar checker for the text editor for emails, texts,...

Add a spelling/grammar checker for the text editor used in Brokerkit in the following places: emails, texts, appointments, notes, landing pages
Brokerkit Product Management 12 months ago in Appointments / Emails / Landing Pages / Texts 0 Planned

Sent items view in inbox for emails and texts sent

This would work like the sent items folder in Gmail or Outlook and will cover emails and texts sent.
Brokerkit Product Management about 1 month ago in Emails / Inbox / Texts 0

Filter out unsubscribe-related texts so they are not forwarded to the Forwarding Number.

Very hard to manage currently when a mass text goes out and you receive a lot of unsubscribe requests at once.
Guest about 1 month ago in Texts 1

Bulk actions in tasks (e.g trigger bulk email, campaigns)

Another option could be adding the send a email option under the Tasks menu area.
Greta Considine 5 months ago in Campaigns / Emails / Tasks / Texts 0

Text templates shared across users in an account

will make us more efficient and not waste time.
Brynn Shorkey 10 months ago in Texts 3

Automated stop of campaign upon opt-out

This would help keep us compliant, and free up time for recruiters
Guest 7 months ago in Campaigns / Campaigns Triggers / Texts 1 Already exists

Notification on text

Email notification when you receive a text on your Brokerkit number Also a browser notification in the notification center bell in the user interface This will allow a user to skip using the forwarding number and capture all texting in Brokerkit a...
Brokerkit Product Management 8 months ago in Notifications / Texts 0

Update contact status when sending bulk/campaign texts/emails to Contact Attempt

useful to make us more efficient as a team
Brynn Shorkey 10 months ago in Emails / Recruiting module / Texts 4

Engagement-based campaign triggers (email, text)

Allows automated follow up on engaged contacts
Brokerkit Product Management about 2004 years ago in Campaigns Triggers / Dialer / Emails / Texts 0 Planned

Add Bulk Texting in recruiting side

Ability to send a bulk text in recruiting like in retention
Brokerkit Product Management about 2005 years ago in Texts 0