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Created on Jun 12, 2024

Filter out unsubscribe-related texts so they are not forwarded to the Forwarding Number.

Very hard to manage currently when a mass text goes out and you receive a lot of unsubscribe requests at once.

Jobs To Be Done

Less time spent filtering through text messages in order to identify the ones that are actually valuable responses


Ex - a mass text was sent out and one of our users received 600+ text messages in 30 minutes, the majority of which were due to unsubscribes. Each unsubscribe message received generates 3 separate text messages to the BrokerKit user.

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  • Admin
    Brokerkit Product Management
    Jun 12, 2024


    Thanks for submitting this idea. We moved this idea to the status of Future Consideration to see what type of additional interest it gets in terms of votes from other users. We use the votes to help prioritize our product roadmap.

    Have a great day!

    Brokerkit Product Team