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Ability to CC/BCC secondary email address(es) in emails (direct, bulk/blast, campaigns

Ability to add one or more email addresses into cc or bcc on campaign email steps
Bruce Campbell 6 months ago in Campaigns 3

Finding leads that completed campaign

Recruiters could benefit from this because if you wanted to go after a lead that did not respond to your campaign previously, you could go back after them months later or next year without searching every single lead. If it was as simple as being ...
Taylor Meier about 2 months ago in Campaigns 1 Already exists

At A Glance Camp Calendar/Manager

When setting up various email camps., it's very helpful to have the ability to see everything on a calendar. Everything that is set to go out and on what days/times. It's also helpful to have all of your "stuff" set on the calendar as a link to ed...
Guest almost 1 year ago in Appointments / Campaigns 0

Campaign trigger to stop campaign on appointment set

Stop a Campaign after Appt Set vs. logged Need to add "Anytime" into value dropdown
Greta Considine 5 months ago in Campaigns / Campaigns Triggers 1

Bulk actions in tasks (e.g trigger bulk email, campaigns)

Another option could be adding the send a email option under the Tasks menu area.
Greta Considine 5 months ago in Campaigns / Emails / Tasks / Texts 0

Automated stop of campaign upon opt-out

This would help keep us compliant, and free up time for recruiters
Guest 7 months ago in Campaigns / Campaigns Triggers / Texts 1 Already exists

Campaign/campaign library search

see above.
Lyman Magee 7 months ago in Campaign library / Campaigns 3

Edit campaigns in organization library

For Donated Campaigns: It would be useful to be able to edit them, and have those edits automatically update the version available to those in my organization. This would prevent additional work and make sure everyone has access to the most up to ...
Todd Sumney about 1 year ago in Campaigns 1

Variable for Office Addresses or meeting locations.

I have 3 offices. By adding a variable, I can have an email or text confirming my next meeting location.
Mark Paris about 1 year ago in Campaigns 0

Add a Cumulative days counter showing the total amount of days in the length of campaign if all steps are completed

If step one happens in 0 days, step two hans in 7 days, step 3 happens 30 days later that total campaign would have 37 cumulative days pf
Mark Paris about 1 year ago in Campaigns 3