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Categories Campaigns
Created by Taylor Meier
Created on May 31, 2024

Finding leads that completed campaign

Recruiters could benefit from this because if you wanted to go after a lead that did not respond to your campaign previously, you could go back after them months later or next year without searching every single lead. If it was as simple as being able to click on 'completed' and being automatically taken to all of your leads that finished would be so awesome!

Jobs To Be Done

The recruiter would be using this feature.


I did not think about adding labels to my campaign in order to find the leads that have completed my campaign. I noticed after 600 people had already completed my campaign and could not find the leads that did. I had to schedule a call to find my leads instead of having some kind of filter for it. This would help with organization of leads or being able to reverse an "oopsy" if you are a newer recruiter and not 100% comfortable with the system.

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  • Admin
    Brokerkit Product Management
    May 31, 2024


    Thanks for submitting this idea! If we understand your idea correctly, then this feature already exists to find which contacts have been subscribed to different campaigns.

    You can click "view subscribers" below on a campaign and it will create a search to show you the subscribers for that campaign.

    Also, you can search by campaign within the advanced search directly:

    Please check that out. Does that address your need?

    Brokerkit product team