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Spelling/grammar checker for the text editor for emails, texts,...

Add a spelling/grammar checker for the text editor used in Brokerkit in the following places: emails, texts, appointments, notes, landing pages
Brokerkit Product Management 12 months ago in Appointments / Emails / Landing Pages / Texts 0 Planned

At A Glance Camp Calendar/Manager

When setting up various email camps., it's very helpful to have the ability to see everything on a calendar. Everything that is set to go out and on what days/times. It's also helpful to have all of your "stuff" set on the calendar as a link to ed...
Guest almost 1 year ago in Appointments / Campaigns 0

Give credit and keep logs for appointment setters

Have the appointment show under the person who set the appointment if re-assigned in the Appointments Set column of the Activity Report There would need to be separate fields for the appointment setter and appointment holder with the credit for th...
Guest 6 months ago in Appointments 1

Microsoft integration appointment synchronization with Brokerkit

No description provided
Brokerkit Product Management about 1 year ago in Appointments 0

add office location drop down feature

No other details needed.
Guest 7 months ago in Appointments 1

Create Appointments in Retention

No description provided
Brokerkit Product Management over 2005 years ago in Appointments 0

Templates for Appointments

User Narrative As a broker, I want the ability to create Appointment templates that be saved, edited, and applied later so I won't have to re-write common messages.
Brokerkit Product Management about 2003 years ago in Appointments 0

Native Zapier app to create/update appointments in Brokerkit from apps like Calendly, Acuity,...

A native app in Zapier to create calendar appointments in Brokerkit when a contact books an appointment via Zapier from scheduling applications like Calendly, Acuity,...
Brokerkit Product Management almost 2004 years ago in Appointments / Integrations 0

Google calendar integration appointment synchronization

No description provided
Brokerkit Product Management over 2001 years ago in Appointments 2

Calendar view for appointments in Brokerkit

create a new screen in a calendar view to see appointments Ability for admin role to see all appointments and staff role to only see their appointments
Brokerkit Product Management over 2004 years ago in Appointments 1