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Custom Contact Statuses

As a Brokerkit Admin user, I’d like the ability to rename the default contact statuses provided by Brokerkit and/or add new ones so the status can better reflect our pipeline workflow (e.g. by adding a status of "offer sent")
Brokerkit Product Management 12 months ago in Recruiting module / Retention module 1 Shipped

AI support bot which can provide answers 24/7

I would like to get answers outside of business hours
Brokerkit Product Management 28 days ago in AI Assist 0 Shipped

Collapsing Sections in the Contact Profile

Collapsing Sections for Labels, Referrer Notes and Campaigns in the Contact Profile
Brokerkit Product Management about 2 months ago in Campaigns / Contacts / Labels 1 Shipped

Warnings on texting above limits to avoid usage charges

When you go to send a text which will put you over your limit you will get a warning alert asking you approve the text or purchase additional text blocks first to increase the limit
Brokerkit Product Management 10 months ago in Texts 1 Shipped

Email Sending in the Inbox Channel

Email Sending in the Inbox Channel
Brokerkit Product Management 2 months ago in Emails / Inbox 1 Shipped

Email notification when a lead opens/clicks in video email/text

Hello, we used BombBomb for several years and it was amazing when my managers received a notification that a lead had opened their email - even if it was several weeks after the lead received it! They were able to reach out to those leads for foll...
Tia Lake 12 months ago in Emails / Notifications / Texts / Videos 2 Shipped

Default day for BK Campaign Library

The following is a suggestion to help our customers who are texting be less annoying. Change the default send day in all BK campaigns from "Any" to "Mon-Fri" as seen here People get irritated when they get recruiting texts on the weekend.
Brokerkit Product Management 3 months ago in Campaign library / Campaigns 1 Shipped

@mention users in notes to notify them

Tag users
Brokerkit Product Management about 1 year ago in Notifications 1 Shipped

Add "Contact Owner" as an option for campaign email/text steps

Description: As an Admin/Staff user on an account with multiple recruiters/managers, I'd like to be able to set the "From" on emails/texts to be Contact Owner, in the same way, I can for "Task Owner". This would allow me to use one central campaig...
Guest 12 months ago in Campaigns 0 Shipped

Configure landing page button color

Ability to override the default CTA button color for the landing pages with another color that aligns with company branding
Brokerkit Product Management 10 months ago in Landing Pages 0 Shipped