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Spelling/grammar checker for the text editor for emails, texts,...

Add a spelling/grammar checker for the text editor used in Brokerkit in the following places: emails, texts, appointments, notes, landing pages
Brokerkit Product Management 12 months ago in Appointments / Emails / Landing Pages / Texts 0 Planned

Capture email replies

The scope of this idea: Logging of replies to emails in BK and/or emails sent via the user's email client in BK This idea covers this via the method of using BCC addresses in emails to log them Note that there are separate ideas below to sync emai...
Brokerkit Product Management over 2005 years ago in Emails 0 Planned

Agent alerts on listing related events (new, pending, contract, closing,...) via Relitix integration

Capture listing-related alerts (new listing, new pending, new contract, new closing) for listings for agents in Brokerkit using the Relitix integration. View the alerts for an agent in recruiting or retention in their contact profile. View new ale...
Brokerkit Product Management over 2005 years ago in Campaigns Triggers / Relitix Integration 2 Planned

Engagement-based campaign triggers (email, text)

Allows automated follow up on engaged contacts
Brokerkit Product Management about 2004 years ago in Campaigns Triggers / Dialer / Emails / Texts 0 Planned

Document Management

The ability to upload, view, delete, and update documents Ability to link documents to contacts and tasks and view them there Available in recruiting and retention
Brokerkit Product Management over 2004 years ago in Documents / Retention module 2 Planned